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EST. 1962

1962    The inaugural Meeting of the Veterinary History Society was set up by Sherwin Hall and Jack Barber-Lomax and was held at the Wellcome Historical Medical Library on October 31st. An address was given by the Librarian. Hall donated a Minute Book and an Attendance Register: 25 would-be members signed, and a further 25 supporters sent apologies. Officers and two Committee members were elected. The aim of the Society was said to be the promotion of the history of veterinary science, creating an interest by communicating our experiences and researches.

1963    The first Committee Meeting was held in March at the RCVS, Belgrave Square. Membership fee was set at 10/6 pa.. A formal Constitution was discussed, but did not materialise.
            The first General (Ordinary) Meeting was held at the same venue in October. Papers were presented on bibliography, the RAVC and John Gamgee; 26 members attended, and visitors included three of the Gamgee family.

1964    The first Annual General Meeting was in April at the Wellcome Library, where many subsequent meetings were held. Hereafter the committee met occasionally to discuss persons and subjects for the following season; there were two or three Meetings each year, one being the AGM.

1965    The first Society Meeting outside London was at the Museum of Rural Life, University of Reading. This proved popular, and so it became the norm to meet once each year away from London. The Society has since visited veterinary schools, towns and cities all over the UK....


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